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Owning A Keys Marina. What you need to know!

Welcome to my website at As a Commercial Broker my job is to help my clients make the right decisions about selling or buying Real Estate.

If you are considering buying a Marina there are numerous things to consider. For example:

Buying commercial real estate differs greatly from residential property transactions. Because there are many variables and business dynamics to consider, purchasing a marina requires ample research.

To be in-the-know about a marina as an investment asset, there are several questions buyers need to ask to determine if the property is a viable choice.

Owning a Marina: What You need to Know!

Owning a marina means having to look at its current features, amenities, and functions, as well as its future potential. If you are considering purchasing a marina, there are many questions which you need answered.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

● Are the boater bath and shower facilities well maintained?
● Does the marina accommodate powerboats or sailboats?
● What size vessels can the marina handle?
● What’s the depth and how is this controlled?
● How far away is the nearest ships’ store or chandlery?
● What’s the current live-aboard policy?
● Have there been recent changes to the live-aboard policy and why? ● What’s the security situation and is it effective?
● Does the marina allow houseboats?
● How large are the dock boxes?
● Are there additional storage facilities?
● Do guests and boaters pay for their electricity use?
● Are boaters allowed to sublet slips?
● Do guests prefer a yacht club, a casual restaurant, or just a nearby convenience store?
● Are boaters allowed to work in slips?
● What’s the policy for non-payment?
● What’s the late payment policy?
● Where is the nearest over capacity marina facility?
● What types of vessels does the nearest over capacity marina accommodate?
● Are wood boats allowed?
● Are there any permits needed?
● Does the marina rent boats? If so, what are the rates?
● How much insurance and what types of insurance are required?
● Is there room for expansion? If so, what are the recommended improvements?
● Are there any revenue generating features to add?
● Where is the nearest fire station and what’s the response time?
● Which vessel two services operate here?
● What services does the marina staff provide?

While this is not a complete list, it does include the most important questions to ask a marina owner-seller.
With such a large transaction, it’s critical to understand how the business operates and what immediate capital investments are needed.

Buyers interested in purchasing a marina should enlist the help of an experienced professional who is intimately familiar with these types of transactions.

In addition to the questions listed above, there are more considerations. Only a seasoned professional will know what factors are crucial to buying the right marina and be able to educate buyers about this complex process. For more information about Buying or Selling Marinas in the Keys, please contact me.

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